Energy Healing


We have a field of energy surrounding our body, also know as an electromagnetic field or aura, that moves and penetrates our body. When our energy is flowing naturally and unobstructed, we have a sense of balance and health. When it becomes unbalanced or blocked, for conscious or unconscious reasons, it may lead to various degrees of disharmony and illness. Energy healing focuses on balancing and harmonizing the subtle energy in and around the body using ancient and modern healing techniques.


We know from the science of physics that energy never dies, however, it can be moved and transformed—and this is where energy work can be so profound, in clearing out the old, negative energy to make room for our body to return to good health and well-being.  I feel passionate in teaching others how to give the power of health back to the body.


Our body and energy field are affected by our thoughts. Our body is a faithful friend and will respond to what we tell it and so one major aspect of working with clients is to help clear the old beliefs and negative mind chatter.  I truly believe we can reverse mental, emotional and physical issues by getting to the root cause and reversing the negative thinking on our body.  I say, "we thought ourselves into this, we can think our way out of it!”


As we let go of negative beliefs and the expectations of ourself and others, we find our way back to our core, our essence. And this is where the healing really begins. We no longer focus on those things that don’t truly serve us giving our body the space to heal. I love helping people find their power and let go of the old tapes that run in their heads of what they should or shouldn’t do, and tap into what ‘feels’ right for them— what matters to them.


"Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you—all of the expectations, all of the beliefs—and becoming who you are.” —Rachel Naomi Remen


While the work I do is "alternative", I do believe in conventional medicine. In fact, as we move through major physical ailments it’s important that we have a team backing us up: doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, energy medicine practitioners, etc. Use all the amazing resources at our fingertips! All of them bring something very healing to the table and assist us in finding balance.


Commonly, people who end up seeing an energy medicine practitioner have exhausted all other resources. My hope is that more and more people realize energy healing can be incredibly beneficial before a diagnosis is given. It’s a powerful preventative tool and is effective at clearing not only the long-standing mental and physical issues, but also the day-to-day bumps of life, leaving us feeling clearer and thinking more clearly.


In healing sessions I not only work to clear the energy in and around the body, I also provide clients with tips on how to keep their energy clear and balanced. Transformation takes place as needed for each individual and can bring healing to all areas of your life.



What to expect in a session:


An energy healing session takes place with the client fully clothed and either lying on a treatment table or sitting comfortably in a chair. I use my hands in a non-invasive manner to move energy blockages. This may be accomplished by lightly placing my hands on the body in a series of locations from the head to the feet. Although light touch is often used during a session, it is not always necessary or needed to move the energy. In addition, a session may include talk therapy to help transform the energy and thought patterns running at a deep level of the subconscious.


During a session, a client may have a variety of experiences or responses. Some clients feel immediately relaxed, or fall asleep. Others have a surge of feelings as the energy blockages are being released. Some may experience tingling, warmth or coolness, while others feel little or nothing. Each session is different depending upon what is cleared and how the client progresses.