Mediumship Readings


Through mediumship we are able to connect to our loved ones who have crossed over to receive messages of hope, love and healing. They have a lot to say and want us to know that they are there for us! And I love making that connection between the living and with spirits on the Other Side!


Spirit uses my senses to communicate details and messages in the following ways:  through words I hear in my head or externally from Spirit standing next to me; by giving images or moments in time projected into my mind’s eye; by impressing a feeling or sense of how they were in the living; or by using my body to impress how they passed or how they felt in physical situations.


Because of my energy healing background and my body’s ability to sense when someone is holding pain or when their body is ready to release an old emotion or trauma, Spirit may call on the energy healing modality to help the pain/emotion/trauma move out of your body. While there can absolutely be an energy release just from receiving a message, sometimes there’s assistance from Spirit to go a little deeper to remove a bigger piece of the emotion that is being held deeper in the body.  However, there is no need to bring up specifically the emotion or trauma that is ready to release.


I have found over the years that all three modalities can come up in one session. So we may be working to bring through a loved one, and then there may be guidance to help your body release an old emotion and then personal guidance might come through on something you're stuck on in your life. However, if you are not interested in the energy healing or psychic aspect, we can focus directly on the mediumship.


I have noticed a shift takes place in the Spirit as the connection is made. When they are given an opportunity to pass on what they did not get to say or do in this life, their energy shifts and lightens. So while I work for the living, I also work for those who have crossed over to help them finish up what they did not get done in this life.


In all readings I set an intention to connect with those you would like to hear from most. While I do my best, there is no guarantee the person will come though. I trust that the person who does comes through is who you need to hear from and in perfect timing as your Spirit Team on the other side has your back and will only bring forward what is in your highest good for healing.


Group Mediumship Readings (in person)


I offer readings to groups of up to 8 people to be arranged by the client. The session runs a full 2 hours and each person is guaranteed a reading. I find the group readings to be quite profound as the messages that each person receives can impact others in the group, and so in addition to the personal reading, there is message for all in almost every reading.


How to prepare for a mediumship reading:


While there is nothing required for you to do before a reading, I find these tips to be helpful:


  • On the days leading up to your reading, talk to whomever you would like to hear from. You can do this through meditation, prayer or just silently sitting and talking to them in your mind or out loud. Ask them to come through loud and clear! The more we reach out to them, the easier it is for them to connect.


  • Surrender all expectations—this will loosen up your energy allowing your focus to be just on the reading itself.

  • Have a pen and paper handy for notes.




Intuitive Readings


An intuitive reading is a great way to gain perspective on your life’s purpose. In an intuitive reading, I use my senses much in the same way as in mediumship, but rather to connect to your energy—we hold the past and the present in our energy field with the ability to tap into guidance for future events.


As in a mediumship reading or an energy healing session, there’s potential to remove old blockages that may be holding you back as my body tunes into the ares of your body where you may be storing old hurts or traumas. With your permission we can work to move those out of your field and your body.


In the reading you will have an opportunity to ask questions about areas where you are feeling stuck or just feel like you need some guidance—whether it be with work, home, or in any area of your personal life.


I believe we have free will in this life and so I will touch on how the client can learn to trust his or her own gut. It's my desire for everyone to feel empowered to tap into their own internal guidance system! It’s something we are all born with and sometimes just needs refining.


How to prepare for an intuitive reading:


  • Jot down the questions you would like answered so there’s no need to worry about remembering them.

  • Have a pen and paper handy for notes.