"I have seen Misty for both energy healing and mediumship and every experience has been life-changing. From the moment I step into her office, I feel supported and cared for. She is incredibly intuitive and seems to always know what my body and soul need. Some experiences have been super deep and profound and some more subtle, but without a doubt, every session is a healing and a shift into a deeper awareness of my well-being. Misty also brings laughter and lightness into the session so the experience can also feel super tender and sweet. The bottom line is that she will tap into what my soul is craving and help guide the way into whatever healing is needed. Without a doubt, she is the most humble powerhouse that I know."

Kristy S., menlo park, ca


"I have had Misty's healing sessions quite frequently in 2016 before I moved to Japan. It was almost on a weekly basis for about 6 months I remember.  Misty is very warm-hearted & intuitive and knows what needs to be healed physically and spiritually for her clients. I felt very relaxed and rejuvenated after each session. Another thing I love is whatever necessary messages I get through her mediumship. I went through big life change events in the past year or so and her sessions truly helped getting through all of these."

—mayumi c., Japan


"It may sound hyperbolic, but Misty’s work literally changed my life. The first mediumship reading resolved lifelong family issues that otherwise might have taken years of therapy! Misty’s ability to connect with loved ones who have passed is extraordinary, and she delivers messages in such a compassionate and sensitive way. You feel safe and cared for, never judged. Rather than take it all too seriously, Misty has a great sense of humor which makes you feel totally at ease. I’ve recommended her to everyone I can think of (who is open to this kind of thing!). I’ve also benefitted greatly from her powerful energy work — even my teenage boys have been to see her and noted healing changes. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Sarah C., east palo alto, ca


"I went into my first treatment open minded but admittedly with some skepticism.  I walked out feeling enlightened, refreshed, and appreciative of the benefits of this beneficial therapy.  One of the most immediate benefits was the feeling of a weight being lifted away along with the negative energy.  She even takes time to share tips on what her clients can do day to day to block and relieve negative energy.  Misty works with the utmost professionalism and awareness with a true talent for healing."

—Susan S., Menlo park, ca


“I have been a fellow student of Misty’s for almost 10 years. During that time, I have witnessed her powerful healing gifts emerge. Now, when I feel a need to be clear or to receive guidance I cannot seem to access on my own, I have an energy healing session with Misty. She is very gifted, and I trust her completely.  It is a privilege to be asked to provide this reference for her!"

Mary Elyn B., oakland, ca