Misty Stam

energy medicine intuitive mediumship




The site is currently under construction.  In the meantime, here is some information about what I do and the services I offer.


I work as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Intuitive Medium.


Energy healing focuses on balancing and harmonizing the subtle energy in and around the body by using ancient and modern healing techniques. When our personal energy is flowing naturally and unobstructed we can enjoy a life of balance and health.  When energy becomes unbalanced or blocked for conscious or unconscious reasons, it can lead to various degrees of disharmony and illness. As the root cause of disease is unlocked, a path is cleared and the body’s innate healing potential awakens.


We have the ability to heal ourselves and I feel passionate about guiding people to feel empowered to do so.


Be they physical difficulties, negative thoughts or feelings, or a past trauma, energy work provides healing and deep levels of transformation.


My other passion is healing through mediumship and intuitive guidance.


Mediumship is connecting people with friends and loved ones who have passed away.  Intuitive guidance is me connecting to your personal energy and providing you guidance in every day living.


I have found that connecting to those who've passed can bring about profound healing for both the person here in the physical world and for the person on the other side.  Those who have passed have loving and insightful messages for us, and we can find great comfort in knowing they are still there for us.


If you have any questions or would like to get in touch about an energy healing session or an intuitive or mediumship reading, I can be reached at mistystam@icloud.com.


Many thanks...